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This is the page for my Earth Swarms work.

International Digital Earth 3-D Visualization Challenge Entry

Or, earthSwarms 1.0

First the packages:

System Requirements

Now the acknowledgements


This work was inspired by the International Digital Earth 3-D Visualization Challenge. Why? I've always been interested in Earth data and I'm becoming increasing concerned about global climate change.

In general it seems that folks are starting to accept the idea of global climate change. This is a big enough problem that the only way to move forward is to convince large groups of people that it is important and that we need to change our habits. One way to do this is to actually show them the data and let them see for themselves and learn. Most people are not idiots. Let's make this interesting and entertaining enough that folks want to spend time on this, and then, what do you know, they will.

Google Earth and NASA's World Wind are both quite cool, but, they don't run on my systems. I'd like something to work on as many systems as possible.

The overall requirements are therefore:

The basic decisions and goals are constrained by the 5 weeks we had before the deadline:

26 Mar 2007

Stick a fork in it, because it's done. The change set lives here and the packages are listed above.

04 Mar 2007

Got a first release up and running. It can display three areas of the world: Geneva, Genoa, and San Francisco. Not perfect, but a nice first cut. It uses the srtm30_plus data.

27 Feb 2007


Ah, it seems that the Topex/UCSD people at Scripps have slightly more useful data called srtm30_plus. We'll use that. They have added Bathymetry as well.

We can now display an array using Balloon3D in Squeak. Next up, read the srtm30 data and display that.

21 Feb 2007

We're starting with the following datasets.

For terrain we will use SRTM30 data. This is an improved version of the GTOPO30 data sets. More information can be found at http://www.vterrain.org/ and SRTM: NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission.

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